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 Module #1: Training Analysis


Mission Analysis - Job Task Analysis 

Knowledge Skill Gap Analysis

Training Needs Analysis (TNA) and Training Systems Requirements Analysis (TSRA) are crucial to operational readiness and Mission success. Whether you are implementing new equipment, system or sub system, investigating the reasons behind a performance deficiency, or conducting manpower, personnel and training analysis, one of the first steps in the analysis process is to uncover who does what and why. In other words, identify tasks performed by each job/position, impact of tasks on missions/goals, and knowledge and skills needed to perform tasks to desired standard under prescribed conditions. 

Once the requirements have been articulated, performance gaps can be detected, knowledge/skill gaps identified and solutions prioritized.

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Challenges ...

Training Analysis can, however, be complex, time consuming and costly, for the following reasons:

  • Involves multiple individuals for data collection, analyses and validation.

  • Results in thousands of data items. For example, 10 Tasks per Job/Position can translate into 100’s of Sub Tasks, Steps and Knowledge/ Skills.

  • Difficulty in tracking redundancies. For example, similar Knowledge/Skills may be required by multiple Tasks – ignoring may lead to duplication/ inefficiencies.

  • Difficulty in synchronizing and updating Tasks, Sub Tasks and Steps that overlap multiple positions – once again, ignoring may lead to further duplication/inefficiency.

  • Difficulty in identifying Tasks and in-turn Knowledge and Skills with greatest impact – otherwise limited resources may not be allocated to most critical initiatives.

  • Difficulty in identifying and updating Tasks, Knowledge, Skills and Training Programs impacted by equipment and system redesign.

  • Meets the requirements of various standards.

  • Generates reports in desired format.




Speeds Analysis - Minimizes Duplication - Improves Efficiency

  • Speed data collection. Tasks hierarchy including attributes, knowledge and skills can be collected offline through Excel and imported in a single click.

  • Facilitate collaboration, sharing and reuse of data. Store all data in a centralized database accessible anytime and from anywhere with a Browser.

  • Automatically store Mission Tasks in a single repository to facilitate management and reuse. Each Task can be assigned to multiple Missions/Jobs.

  • Automatically compile Knowledge/Skills (KSAs) under each Project and Job to minimize duplication as well as facilitate management and reuse. Each item can be assigned to multiple Tasks/Objectives.

  • Simplify Alignment between Mission and Job Tasks. Alert users as changes unfold and re-sync Mission and Job Tasks in a single click.

  • Configure each project in line with your needs. Start analysis with Mission Tasks or Job Tasks and assess priority based on Difficulty, Importance and Frequency.

  • Generate Master Task List (MTL), Master Training Task List (MTTL), Job Task List (JTAR), Training Plans (TP) and many more reports in a single click.

  • Quickly identify Tasks, Courses and Learning Objectives impacted by a change to policy, system or tool.

  • Provide step by step methodology for inexperienced users.

  • Support DIF and Criterion analysis and generate training plans in line with US, Canadian & UK military standards.

  • Clearly articulate the desired standard and in-turn facilitate evaluation.

  • Maintain relationships between missions, tasks, performance objectives, knowledge/skill & training requirements. Quickly find out why training is needed and which is no longer relevant.

  • Maximize training impact and demonstrate value by focusing resources on the most important initiatives

  • Establish a clear line of sight between employees' tasks and organization goals.

  • Is highly configurable and customizable.

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