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 Module #2: Training Design


Media Analysis - Cost Analysis 

Training Plan

Training efficiency and productivity can be further improved by uncovering the most effective and economical strategies for the delivery of training – i.e., how the knowledge and skills needed to achieve performance objectives should be learned. Whether you are developing new training programs or assessing the viability of existing courses, instructor-led, on-the-job, self-paced, social based, eLearning, mobile learning, serious games, trainers, virtual reality as well as performance support systems should be considered. Otherwise, valuable resources could be wasted. 

Once the advantages and limitations of various delivery options have been clearly articulated, effective and efficient training plans can be generated.

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Challenges ...

Training Design can, however, be complex, time consuming and costly, for the following reasons:

  • Involves instructional designers, financial analysts and subject matter experts for data collection, analyses and validation.

  • Requires consideration of dozens of design factors to identify media that best meet learning, learners and organizational needs.

  • Requires consideration of infrastructure and resources to minimize risk associated with the introduction of new technology.

  • Requires forecasting and comparison of startup and recurring costs of viable delivery options as well as impact on budget and resources.

  • Requires quick reassessment of media viability and costs as conditions, compensation and requirements change.

  • Requires consideration of multiple options and suppliers, build versus buy and use of internal versus external resources.

  • Meets the requirements of various standards.

  • Generates media, cost and training plans reports in desired format.




Speeds Analysis - Minimizes Duplication - Improves Efficiency

  • Configure each project in line with needs. Specify analysis to be conducted, costs to be captured and media to be considered.

  • Speed data collection. Objectives and attributes can be collected offline using Excel and imported in a single click.

  • Facilitate collaboration, sharing and reuse of data. Store all data in a centralized database accessible anytime and from anywhere with a Browser.

  • Minimize costly errors by assessing risk and viability of 30+ delivery options through a decision matrix that maps instructional requirements to media capabilities.

  • Conduct multiple what if scenarios within minutes.

  • Increase throughput, reduce travel costs and time away from job by exploring blended delivery, build versus buy and internal versus external personnel use.

  • Store common measures such as hourly rates of developers, instructors and support staff; per diem and travel costs; etc., in templates to quickly forecast and compare money and resources needed.

  • Generate Objectives Media Analysis (OMA), Cost Analysis, Training Plans (TP) and many more reports in a single click.

  • Provide step by step methodology for inexperienced users.

  • Conduct analysis and generate training plans in line with US, Canadian & UK military standards.

  • Maintain relationships between missions, tasks, performance objectives, knowledge/skill & training requirements. Quickly find out why training is needed and which is no longer relevant.

  • Maximize training impact and demonstrate value by focusing resources on the most important initiatives

  • Is highly configurable and customizable.

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