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 Module #4: Project Management


Develop Project Plans - Track Progress

Manage Resources 

Maintaining projects on time and within budget is one of the greatest challenges for any project manager. To minimize delays and cost overruns, realistic project plans are vital for keeping projects on track by identifying what needs to be done and when; time, money, personnel and resources needed for each task and phase; critical paths/milestones; interdependencies among various tasks - i.e., how delays in one task can impact others; as well as who will be doing what and when. Since the best-laid plans can go awry, a tracking system is also critical for monitoring progress. 

With viable project plans in hand and real time updates from project team on hours worked and tasks completed, progress can be tracked, delays anticipated and corrective measures implemented to keep projects on-time and within budget.

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Challenges ...

Project Management can, however, be complex, time consuming and costly, for the following reasons:

  • Involves multiple individuals assigned to several projects.

  • Requires accurate estimation of time and costs.

  • Requires identification of interdependencies among tasks as well as constraints. 

  • Requires schedules that take into consideration interdependencies among tasks and constraints.

  • Requires realistic project plans that take into account team members current commitments and workload.

  • Requires a robust tracking system that anticipates delays, identifies corrective measures and facilitates project plan updates.

  • Requires simultaneously tracking of multiple projects that utilize the same pool of personnel and resources.

  • Meets the requirements of various standards.

  • Generates project plan reports in desired format.



Speeds Analysis - Minimizes Duplication - Improves Efficiency

  • Facilitate collaboration and data exchange. Projects and personnel skills and activities are stored in a centralized database accessible anytime and from anywhere with a Browser.

  • Quickly and accurately forecast time and budget needed to develop, deliver, maintain and support training programs using templates.

  • Produce viable project plans that recognize interdependencies among tasks and constraints.

  • Promptly locate personnel and resources with desired skills and attributes; validate availability and assign to various tasks.

  • Improve resource allocation by tracking the overall utilization rates of personnel and resources.

  • Speed data collection; minimize delays and cost overruns by tracking progress in real time. Hours worked on each Task and items completed are reported in real-time.

  • Automatically compile and analyze data from team members, update projects status and communicate results to clients.

  • Anticipate problems and pinpoint corrective measures by continually assessing progress relative to project plan.

  • Forecast future personnel and resource needs based on upcoming projects.

  • Provide step by step methodology for inexperienced users.

  • Is highly configurable and customizable.

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