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 Module #5: Performance Analysis


Performance Gap Analysis - Root Cause Analysis

Cost Benefit Analysis 

When faced with performance deficiency, all too often the focus gravitates towards training. In most cases, however, performance deficiencies are caused by multiple factors including vague expectations, insufficient and untimely feedback, limited access to required information, inadequate tools, resources and procedures, inappropriate and counterproductive incentives, and so on. Moreover, it is much easier to fix the environment then people. To put it in simple terms – if the gap is not due to a lack of knowledge and skills, don't train! 

Whether you are investigating a performance deficiency or evaluating training impact, the reasons behind a performance gap as well as costs and benefits of plausible solutions should be clearly articulated. With accurate, factual data in hand, solutions can be identified; costs and benefits quantified; interventions prioritized and action plans formalized to continually improve performance.

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Challenges ...

Performance Analysis can, however, be complex, time consuming and costly, for the following reasons:

  • Involves multiple individuals for data collection and analyses. 

  • Requires validation of performance gap. In other words, comparison of current performance to desired performance.

  • Requires consideration of dozens of factors to identify the cause of the problem and viable solutions. 

  • Requires forecasting and comparison of startup and recurring costs of viable solutions as well as impact on budget and resources.

  • Requires forecasting the benefits of viable solutions - otherwise limited resources may not be allocated to most critical initiatives.

  • Requires consideration of multiple options and suppliers, build versus buy and use of internal versus external resources. 

  • Meets the requirements of various standards.

  • Generates root cause analysis and cost benefits analysis reports in desired format.



Speeds Analysis - Minimizes Duplication - Improves Efficiency

  • Speed data collection. Reasons behind performance deficiency can be collected offline using Excel.

  • Facilitate collaboration and sharing of data. Store all data in a centralized database accessible anytime and from anywhere with a Browser.

  • Quickly identify Jobs and Tasks that impact Mission Performance by flagging Tasks that support Mission.

  • Facilitate performance gap assessment and training impact validation by comparing desired standard to actual performance.

  • Minimize waste by avoiding solutions with minimal impact on performance deficiency, do not meet business need or contribute to bottom line – i.e., costly decisions based on faulty assumptions.

  • Leverage templates to quickly forecast and compare budget and resources requirements of viable interventions.

  • Improve performance and maximize impact by prioritizing solutions needed to meet goals, focusing on most critical initiatives and generating plan of action.

  • Meet clients’ needs by ensuring that proposed solutions will attain the desired outcomes.

  • Generate Performance Analysis, Root Cause Analysis, Cost Benefit Analysis, Training System Basis Analysis (TSBA) and many more reports in a single click.

  • Provide step by step methodology for inexperienced users.

  • Configure each project in line with your needs. Specify data to be collected and analysis to be performed.

  • Maximize impact and add value by focusing resources on the most important initiatives

  • Is highly configurable and customizable.

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