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  Training Systems Requirements Analysis Tool



Is ADVISOR Enterprise right for you? Check out how ADVISOR Enterprise simplifies and speeds Training Systems Requirements Analysis, facilitates collaboration, minimizes duplication, improves quality control and drives training efficiency.  To schedule an online demo, please contact BNH at: (800) 747-4010, 1 (514) 745-4010 or

Simplify & Speed Training Systems Requirements Analysis with ADVISOR:

ADVISOR Enterprise drives training efficiency by simplifying and speeding training systems requirements analysis, forecasting and optimizing training resources, improving resource allocation, generating audit trail to support recommendations and producing training plans that leverage existing training programs/resources. 

Moreover, ADVISOR is a web based, can be installed on a local server or used off BNH server, consists of 5 modules that can be used separately or in combination to meet various needs and customized in line with requirements. By storing all data in a centralized database that can accessed anytime and from anywhere with only a browser, ADVISOR facilitates collaboration and sharing of data among team members, minimizes duplication, and facilitates the upkeep of analysis over time - and in-turn keep training programs effective, efficient and relevant.


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