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Can I manage the ADVISOR Oracle Database installed on the Server remotely?

Yes, by installing the Oracle Client on your computer (workstation).

Can the ADVISOR database be installed or upgraded from a remote server?

No. You should run the installation program/CD from the server on which the database is or should be installed.

When I upgrade ADVISOR from the Install CD, what information am I going to need?

There are two steps for upgrade ADVISOR.
1. Upgrade Database
The following information is needed for this step:
* Database Link
* Database Name
* Password for the user "client"

2. Upgrade Java Code
The following information is needed for this step:
* Database Link. The parameter used to link to database. In general,

it has the following format - dbhost:dbport:dbname, where:
dbhost - Database host/computer name
dbport - Database port (for example 1521)
dbname - Database name (for example adv)

* Password for the user "client"
* Destination Directory - i.e. where ADVISOR is currently installed
* What web server ADVISOR is running on and web server directory

What do end users need to access ADVISOR?

* Pentium IV with 512 MB RAM
* 200 MB of free Hard Disk Space
* Windows 98, ME, XP, VISTA, 7, NT, 2000, 2004 or Sun Solaris 8.0 or higher
* Internet Explorer 7.0 or higher, Mozilla Firefox 3.0 or higher, Google Chrome or Safari
* Plug-ins are not required

Where is the ADVISOR Configuration stored?

In the file located under .../BNH/Advisor/adv/WEB-INF/classes directory.

What are the Database Server minimum requirements?

* 2 CPU Processor with 2 GB RAM
* 1GB of free Hard Disk Space
* Windows 2000, 2003, NT or Sun Solaris 9.0 or higher

* Web Server that supports Java Virtual Machine and can run Java

Servlet, including:
* Tomcat 4.0 or higher

* IBM WebSphere 4.0 or higher
* Resin
* Oracle Application Server
* JServ
* Others

* Oracle version 9i or higher. If Oracle is not used/supported by your organization, you may purchase Oracle Standard Edition 2 License from BNH - limited to computers with two sockets.

Are customizations carried out by BNH for specific client maintained in future releases?

Yes, the modifications are maintained in all future releases. When we customize a feature, we tag relevant nodes, tabs and labels that hold this functions to the module number assigned to the client. This will in-turn ensure that (a) this function is only available to the client and (b) be part of the ADVISOR system including any future releases.

What databases does ADVISOR support?

ADVISOR supports Oracle versions 9i, 10g, 11g or 12c. If your organization does not have Oracle, then you may purchase Oracle Standard Edition 2 License from BNH. Limited to servers with a maximum of two sockets.

Are there 3rd party embedded software in ADVISOR that we would need to license?

Only Oracle database version 9i and higher is required. If your organization does not have Oracle, then you may purchase Oracle Standard Edition 2 from BNH.

The only other 3rd party software that may be shipped with ADVISOR is Crystal Report Engine for viewing reports. This engine can be distributed freely to any organization that owns a copy of the "Crystal Reports Developer Edition". Otherwise, you may be required to purchase a copy.

The following error appears when running Crystal Report 'org.pache.jasper.JasperException: Unable to compile class for JSP An error occured at line: -1 in the jsp file: null ...?'

This error was reported on Tomcat 4.1.24 when there are spaces in the path. Two options may be used to resolve the issue:

a. Uninstall Tomcat and reinstall in a location with no spaces in the path;
b. Install another version of Tomcat, 4.1.27 for example.

The following error appears during installation when unzipping file: ... 'AdvisorjsdefaultimagesiconsThumbs.db (access denied)?'

This error was reported on Windows XP platform because it sets Thumbs.db as a system file. Two options may be used to resolve the issue:

a. Unzip BNH\ manually to ADVISOT_HOME, and setup ADVISOR manually, or
b. Set all Thumbs.db files under the current ADVISOR directory to non-system file before upgrading.

How secure is the transmission and saving of data in ADVISOR?

* BNH is certified under the "Controlled Goods Registration Program" (#020638) that entitles BNH to examine, possess or transfer controlled goods in accordance with Defense Production Act and the Controlled Goods Regulation (

* All data sent/received is encrypted using SSL from Network Solutions, protecting against disclosure to 3rd parties.

* Comprehensive procedures are in place to detect and prevent unauthorized access, including:
a. Blocking (denying all requests from) IP where requests are being generated, and notifies system administrator, after 10 unsuccessful attempts.
b. Hosting ADVISOR on a separate Server protected by a firewall.

* Server is physically stored in a secure location, protected with an alarm system connected to a 24 hour monitoring service.

* Only two individuals have access to database where client data is stored. Procedures are in place to monitor the details of each access.