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Where can users go to adjust the level of completion of a task (25%, 50%, and 100%)?

• Once Tasks are assigned to a User under Project Accounts, for example, they will appear under the Projects folder under the User’s name. The User can input Actual Hours Worked and % of Work Completed, lock their input and save.

• Alternatively, once Tasks are assigned to a User and if the user has the privilege to manage their own Time Sheets, then they can input the hours worked on each Task in each day and % of Work Completed under the Time Sheet node under the Personalize tab.

Does a user have access to whole projects or just the tasks they are assigned to on the Personnel status?

• In general, all users will only have access to the Tasks assigned to him/her, unless the project is shared with them.

• A User Account can be granted access to a whole project if you share or assign the project to the User.
* To share project: Click Implement Tab > Projects Folder > Project Node > Sharing Tab > select user
* To assign project: Click Implement Tab > Projects Folder > Project Node > Manager field > Select the user

Is there a way for me as an Administrator to update the Percent Complete on a task for all personnel assigned?

• As an administrator you can update the percent complete on tasks for Project Accounts that have been assigned.

• In order to update the Project Accounts’ percentage complete, simply do the following: Go to Setup > Projects Account Folder > Project Account node > Project Folder > Select Project Node > Click % of Work Complete Field, click the Lock (Lock it), specify the percentage and click save.

• Note the administrator, will not be able to update the percent complete for User Accounts that have been assigned, the User will be required to update their % complete.

When assigning Personnel to tasks, some employees are automatically approved while others are required to accept their assignment. Is there a way to make it where all employees are automatically approved when assigned to a task, thus removing the need for anyone to accept their assignment to a task?

It depends on the account type:
• User Accounts: currently need to accept their assignment for it to be approved.

• Project Accounts: are automatically approved.

I accidentally went under a Project Account and selected that the project was ‘Completed’. However, it is not actually entirely completed and now it’s closed it out for additional updates. Can I undo the ‘Completed’?

• Project Manager/Administrator can assign Tasks to Project Accounts. If under a Project Account you have selected complete i.e. Setup Tab > Project Accounts Folder > Project Account > Projects Folder > Status field Select “Completed”, this does not automatically hide the project.

• The Project Manager/Administrator must have signed off on the Project Account’s work. To view go:
Implement Tab > Project Folder > Project node > Track Folder > Progress Node > Look at the fields “Task Status” Should read “Completed” and “Sign Off” Field should be set to “Accepted”, for the Project Account in question.

• Once a Project Manager signs off on completed work it is then hidden from the Project Account. If the project is not complete, change the “Sign Off” field to Pending.

• Now if you return to the Project Account you can view the Project again and make changes with regards to amount of work conducted. Setup Tab > Project Accounts Folder > Project Account > Projects Folder > Status field change “Completed” status

Is there a way to copy the courses built into the Design tab over into the Implement Tab?

• Yes data from Course Design can be ‘imported under the implementation tab’. Click Projects Folder > Project Node > Import Course > Select Course and Click Save.

• Next Click Import Course Analysis Node > Select Delivery Option to be imported (Currently Used or Recommended) > Click Save

I am adjusting the hours and the task in the Phases of Implement tab. I have many courses, what is the fastest way to make these changes?

• If you adjust the work hours for the phases – this will automatically adjust the time for tasks based on the work % assigned to them.

• If needed, you may also adjust the start date and set the ‘change tasks date’ to yes in order to shift the tasks start date and end dates in-line with the new project start date.