Intelligence for making savvy training decisions.

Training is crucial to operational readiness and mission success. To maximize training impact and drive efficiency, BNH provides products and services to:
  • Identify/Prioritize/Manage training requirements for each job/position/employee;
  • Focus resources on the most critical initiatives;
  • Minimize training duplication – identify/consolidate similar content;
  • Detect training creep – eliminate activities that are no longer relevant;
  • Improve resource allocation – identify excess capabilities/bottlenecks;
  • Identify more efficient alternatives – forecast/compare costs of viable options;
  • Preserve training integrity/efficiency/relevance as goals/equipment/policies evolve;
  • Improve performance – identify the cause of deficiency and viable solutions;
  • And more ...

    Our competitive advantage stems from our web based decision support tool ADVISOR Enterprise. ADVISOR simplifies and speeds training needs analysis, forecasts and optimizes training resources, improves resource allocation and generates audit trail to support recommendations. Moreover, by storing all analyses in a centralized database that can be accessed anytime and from anywhere with only a browser, ADVISOR facilitates collaboration and sharing of data among team members, minimizes duplication, and provides a simple venue for keeping training programs effective, efficient and relevant.

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