ADVISOR Performance Analysis module provides a step by step approach for improving performance by zeroing in on the source of the problem and identifying solutions that can produce the desired level of productivity. Moreover, ADVISOR highlights actions that will generate the greatest impact by assessing the feasibility of implementing plausible solutions as well as forecasting the costs, benefits and Return on Investment (ROI) of each intervention. Read brochure.



Performance Gap Analysis. Assess, compare and validate actual missions/goals performance to desired performance to identify performance gaps.

Speed Data Collection. Collect data from employees, supervisors, subject matter experts, etc., offline through custom-built questionnaires. Exchange data with systems through xml.

Performance Measures Analysis. Assess the financial impact of performance gaps by defining performance indicators – i.e., impact on output, costs, time and quality.

Facilitate Collaboration. Store all data in a centralized database accessible anytime and from anywhere by team members with only a Browser; and track changes made by each individual.

Job and Performance Analysis. Identify Jobs and Tasks that contribute to performance gaps. Assess ability to perform to desired standard.

Facilitate Reusability. Search, locate and copy relevant performance measures from one mission/goal to another with ease.

Data Required. Highlight data needed to assess the cause of the problem. Provide questionnaires for collecting data from employees, supervisors, subject matter experts, and so forth.

Speed Analysis. Automatically identify Jobs and Tasks that may contribute to a performance gap; as well as plausible solutions to address performance gaps.

Root Cause Analysis. Quickly zero in on the root cause of a performance deficiency by considering crew and supervisors’ feedback, tools, policies and work environment to identify viable solutions.

Minimize Waste. Avoid solutions with minimal impact on performance deficiency, do not meet organizational need or contribute to bottom line – i.e., costly decisions based on faulty assumptions.

Solution Effectiveness Analysis. Assess and rate the viability of plausible solutions based on compatibility with personnel and infrastructure.

Minimize Risk. Assess personnel receptiveness to plausible solutions, solutions compatibility with infrastructure, as well as life cycle costs.

Solution Cost Analysis. Forecast and compare costs, personnel and resource requirements of viable solutions over program life cycle.

Maximize Impact. Prioritize solutions based on effectiveness, costs, risk and impact – i.e., where budget and resources should be allocated.

Solution Analysis. Assess the costs, impact and return on investment (ROI) of each intervention and prioritize recommendations.

Speed Report Generation. Produce Performance Analysis, Root Cause Analysis, Cost Benefits Analysis, and dozens of reports in a single click.

Brandon Hall. Editor of Multimedia and Internet Training Newsletter.

"ADVISOR is a very powerful, useful tool for making decisions about which medium is right for your organization. A significant contribution to the training industry".
Joyce Miligan. Training Manager. New Brunswick Tel.

"Very user friendly. Covers all aspects that you should consider when making a decision."
Victoria Gracia. Project Manager. Open University of Catalonia.

"For eLearning professionals it's a good tool and a good help."

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