ADVISOR Enterprise is a web based decision support tool. It simplifies and speeds training needs analysis, forecasts and optimizes training resources, improves resource allocation and generates audit trail to support recommendations. Moreover, ADVISOR stores all data in a centralized database, can be installed locally or used off BNH server, consists of the following 5 modules that can be used separately or in combination to meet various needs and customized in line with requirements.

ADVISOR improves training efficiency by clearly articulating who needs to be trained on what and why; what is the most effective and efficient training option; how much money and resources are needed; and which actions would generate the greatest impact - while reducing analysis time by up to 50%.

ADVISOR provides the clarity needed to plan, manage and optimize training budget and resources by manipulating complex assortment of inputs including training requirements, costs and available resources into meaningful outputs. An invaluable tool for individuals involved in the analysis, design, planning, managing, implementation and evaluation of training.

ADVISOR has proven track record as well. It supports and is recognized by multiple military standards, and has been successfully implemented in a variety of scenarios including several large scale and complex projects in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, Netherlands and Singapore over the past 15 years – including Poseidon (P-8A), Operational System Training Provider (OTSP), Tactical Airlift (C130J), Air Force Technical Training Renewal (ATTR), Maritime Helicopter (CH-148), Joint Strike Fighter (JSF), Basic Wing Course (BWC), Blackhawk (CH-53K), Military Flying Training System (MFTS), Defence Training Review (DTR), Army Land Vehicle Crew Training, Polar Ice Breaker and others. Read brochure.


Facilitate Configuration. Configure each project in line with your needs. Specify data to be collected & analysis to be conducted.

Speed Data Collection. Tasks hierarchy including attributes, knowledge and skills can be collected offline through Excel and imported in a single click. Exchange data through xml.

Facilitate Collaboration, Sharing and Reuse of Data. Store all data in a centralized database accessible anytime and from anywhere with a Browser.

Simplify Tasks Manipulation. Easily change location and order of Tasks, Sub Tasks, Steps and Sub Steps through an intuitive drag and drop interface.

Facilitate Ease of Analysis. Provide step by step methodology for inexperienced users.

Minimize Duplication & Maintain Links Between Data Points. Assign Mission Tasks to multiple Jobs. Create, track and update with ease.

Simplify Data Migration. Automatically cascade attributes from Mission Tasks to Job Tasks to Performance Objectives to Courses through Auto Populate.

Simplify Alignment between Mission and Job Tasks. Alert users as changes unfold and re-sync Mission and Job Tasks in a single click.

Speed Report Generation. Generate Master Task List (MTL), Master Training Task List (MTTL), Job Task List (JTAR), Training Plans (TP) and many more reports in a single click.

Maintain Alignment. Quickly Identify Tasks, Courses and Learning Objectives impacted by a change to policy, system or tool.

Speed Cost Analyses. Common Measures such as hourly rates of developers, instructors and support staff; time needed to develop and support courses; per diem and travels costs; etc., can be stored in templates to quickly and accurately forecast money and resources needed for one or multiple courses.

Minimize Duplication. Knowledge/Skills (KSAs), Job Aids, Policies and Tools are automatically compiled under each Project and Job to minimize duplication as well as facilitate management and reuse. Each item can be assigned to multiple Tasks/Objectives.

Facilitate Management & Reuse of Data. Mission Tasks are automatically stored in a single repository to facilitate management and reuse. Each Task can be assigned to multiple Missions.

Eliminate Duplication. To eliminate duplication, similar KSAs, Job Aids, Policies and Tools can be merged while preserving links to Tasks, Objectives and Courses.

Facilitate Collaboration. Project, Job, Course and Performance Analyses can be shared with colleagues, copied to multiple projects and modified in line with needs.

Pinpoint Required Data. Search and locate Tasks and Objectives by Mission, Job or user defined keyword. Copy Task and Objectives - including Steps, Sub Steps and attributes in a single click.

Streamline Data. To quickly zero-in on relevant KSAs, user defined attributes can be defined and assigned to each Knowledge and Skill.

Maintain Alignment. Similar Learning Objectives within each Course and those that do not support specific Task can be quickly identified and deleted using Filter Duplicates and Realign Objectives functions.

Minimize Waste. Uncover reasons behind performance gap and identify solutions that achieve the desired results.

Speed Analysis. Validate the content of existing Courses by realigning Learning Objectives with Tasks through an intuitive drag and drop interface.
Maximize Impact. Maximize training impact and demonstrate value by focusing resources on the most critical initiatives.

Minimize Costs. Increase throughput, reduce travel costs and time away from job by exploring blended delivery, build vs. buy and internal versus external personnel use.

Optimize Personnel & Resource Allocation. Forecast needs and track utilization rates.

Keep Projects on Time & Within Budget. Minimize delays and cost overruns by producing solid project plans, tracking progress in real-time, anticipating problems & pinpointing corrective measures.

Identify Duplication & Training Creep. Identify learning objectives linked to similar knowledge and skills, and those that do not support specific performance objectives.

Optimize Effectiveness of Solutions. Uncover and duplicate efficient training programs and correct problem areas.

Conduct Multiple What If Scenarios Within Minutes. Link personnel and resources time requirements to number of trainees, trainees/instructor ratio, course length and media. One change updates all values.

Optimize Personnel & Resource Utilization Rates. Forecast budget, personnel and resource requirements for one or multiple courses for any given time period.

Product Requirements

ADVISOR Enterprise supports all browsers, including Internet Explore, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari. No plug-ins are required. ADVISOR Enterprise can also be installed on a local server. See more.

License Agreement

Your use of ADVISOR Enterprise and associated services (herein referred to as ADVISOR Services) are conditioned upon your compliance and acceptance of the following terms.
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UK Ministry of Defence. Joint Service Publication (JSP) 822.

"ADVISOR is endorsed as the best-practice solution for a pan Defence DST, to assist the service commands in analysing the composition of their courses and to contribute to business decisions on the relative balance between centralised and distributed training."
Canadian Forces Individual Training and Education System (CFITES).

"ADVISOR is a decision support tool. ADVISOR can be used to determine the most effective and efficient media for a given situation."
Bruce Clark. Associate Dean Faculty of Education. University of Calgary.

"The challenge was finding a way to naturally lead students over the terrain of instructional development; the solution was ADVISOR".
Read more.
Professor Ronald Tarr. Institute of Simulation & Training. University of Central Florida.

"ADVISOR will provide instructional designers with the knowledge and skills needed to help them overcome the challenge of communicating with engineers". Read more.

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