ADVISOR Project Management module provides a step by step approach for planning a project and tracking progress in real time. This includes the setup of phases and tasks, dependencies and constraints, timelines as well as the assignment of personnel and resources needed to complete. Moreover, ADVISOR tracks progress by comparing hours worked and money spent on each task to project plan, to anticipate delays, facilitate the implementation of corrective measures, and keep projects on-time and within budget. Read brochure.





Phase and Task Analysis. Identify Phases and subdivide into Tasks – i.e., actions needed to develop, deliver and support a training program.

Facilitate Collaboration. Store all data in a centralized database accessible anytime and from anywhere by team members with only a Browser; and track changes made by each individual.

Dependency Analysis. Define the order in which activities should be performed to ensure realistic Project Plan and anticipate the impact of delays on schedule.

Speed Data Collection. Collect, compile and analyze data from Team Members in real-time. Exchange data with other systems through xml.

Constraint Analysis. Identify constraints for starting or completing Tasks to once again ensure realistic Project Plan and anticipate the impact of delays on schedule.

Facilitate Projects Planning. Automatically generate realistic Project Plans that conform to dependencies and constraints.

Schedule Analysis. Define the start and end date of each Task taking into account dependencies and constraints.

Facilitate Communication. Notify team members and resource managers of project requirements and changes in a single click.

Personnel and Resource Requirements. Identify personnel and resources needed to complete each Task. Validate capabilities and availability.

Minimize Delays. Automatically collect, compile and analyze data from team members; and flag potential delays to Tasks, Phases and Projects.

Project Plan Creation. Generate Project Plan for any time period and communicate requirements to team members and resource managers.

Improve Resource Allocation. Find out who is doing what at any given time (i.e., projects/tasks assigned, time off, etc.) In other words, who is overworked and who is underutilized.

Data Collection. Capture the number of hours worked, money spent and % of task completed and transmit to project manager.

Facility Resource Management. Forecast personnel and resources needed to undertake ongoing and upcoming projects. In other words, identify excess capabilities and bottlenecks.

Project Monitoring. Compile and compare hours worked and money spent to Project Plan. Forecast delays, cost overruns and potential impact.

Speed Report Generation. Produce Project Plans, Projects Status and dozens of reports in a single click.


Jeff Reynolds. Manager, Global Sales & Technical Training. Intermec Technology Corporation.

"With ADVISOR, we can quickly and accurately forecast training costs, communicate results and manage requirements as project scope changes". Read More.
Cathi Billings. Instructional System Specialist. Sheppard AFB.

"With ADVISOR I can make changes on the spot and the graphs demonstrate right away their impact, that have enabled me to cut down my initial analysis from 30 days to one day".
Richard 'Steve' Dehart. Principal Training & Development Specialist RTSC Engineering Training Directorate. Raytheon company.

"BNH performed flawlessly through a series of five software customization's. Our needs were met and all products were delivered on time. Staff was extremely helpful in identifying better and more economical ways to customize their product for our customers specific needs. I would not hesitate to use this vendor again and wholeheartedly recommend BNH for any enterprise training solution."


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