With multiple competing and continually changing priorities, maintaining efficiency is not a simple task. Resource utilization should be maximized, bottlenecks nullified, duplication minimized, activities prioritized, expenses scrutinized and centers of excellence recognized.
Whether you are conducting manpower, personnel and training analysis, implementing new equipment, system or subsystem, or managing training resources, to maximize training efficiency quick and accurate answers to key questions are needed. For example, which training programs are planned this quarter, next quarter or next year; how much money, personnel and resources are needed for each course and in total; type of resources, personnel and skills required, available or in short supply; impact of changes to throughput, course length and delivery method on budget, personnel and resources; and so on.

With critical, up to date, concise and meaningful reports within easy reach duplications and problem areas can be quickly identified, impact of changes can be readily assessed, plausible solutions investigated, and personnel/resources reallocated to continually drive efficiency.
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Facilitate Collaboration, Sharing and Reuse of Data. Store all data in a centralized database accessible anytime and from anywhere with a Browser.

Facilitate Resource Tracking. Personnel and resources are stored in templates that can be assigned to multiple courses and updated throughout in a single click.

Conduct Multiple What If Scenarios in Minutes. Link personnel and resources time requirements to number of trainees, trainees/instructor ratio, course length and media. One change updates all values.

Identify Duplication and Training Creep. Identify learning objectives linked to similar knowledge and skills, and those that do not support specific performance objectives.

Optimize Personnel and Resource Allocation. Forecast needs and tracking utilization rates.

Optimize Training Efficiency. Uncover and duplicate efficient training programs and correct problem areas by generating benchmark reports.

Pinpoint Required Data. Zero-in on required data by setting-up filters and search criteria.

Optimize Training Budget. Quickly forecast budget, personnel and resource requirements for one or multiple courses for any given time period.

Speed Report Generation. Generate Personnel and Resource Requirements Reports, in a single click; and conduct multiple what-if scenarios within a few minutes.

Facilitate Configuration. Configure Each Report in Line with Needs. Specify factors and requirements to be considered within each report including time period, client, courses, personnel, resources, etc.


Jeff Reynolds. Manager, Global Sales & Technical Training. Intermec Technology Corporation.

"With ADVISOR, we can quickly and accurately forecast training costs, communicate results and manage requirements as project scope changes". Read More.
Training with Multimedia.

"ADVISOR does the work that many independent training consultants are used to charging several thousands of dollars for".
Joel Doherty. Senior Marketing Consultant. Performx Inc.

"ADVISOR has been instrumental in illustrating with precise accuracy how our clients will save money, time and resources by introducing technology based learning".


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