ADVISOR provides a step by step approach for conducting Training Needs Analysis (TNA) or Training Systems Requirements Analysis (TSRA) to identify training needed by each occupation, position and employee to perform their job to the desired standard under prescribed conditions. Read brochure.



Mission/Goal Analysis. Identify and prioritize missions/goals, and decompose into Segments and Functions to facilitate the identification of relevant Tasks.

System Analysis. Identify Tasks, Objectives and Training required to operate, maintain and support each System and Sub System

Competency Analysis. Identify Tasks, Objectives and Training required for each Competency and Competency Area.

Job Analysis. Identify Duties, Tasks, Objectives and Training requirements for each Job, Position and Employee.

Task Analysis. Decompose Tasks into Sub Tasks, Steps and Sub Steps, as well as define the required proficiency level, standards and conditions for each.

DIF Analysis. Identify Task training requirements and priority based on Task Difficulty, Importance & Frequency (DIF).

Objective Analysis. Decompose into Performance, Enabling and Learning Objectives, as well as define proficiency level, standards and conditions for each.

Knowledge/Skill Gap Analysis. Identify the training requirements for each Job/Position by comparing required Knowledge/Skill levels to current levels.
Facilitate Configuration. Configure in line with CFITES, MIL-HDBK-29612-2A or DSAT requirements in a single click, or set-up in-line with needs.

Facilitate Collaboration. Store all data in a centralized database accessible anytime and anywhere with a Browser. Track changes made by each individual

Speed Data Collection. Tasks hierarchy including attributes, knowledge and skills can be collected offline through Excel and imported in a single click.

Facilitate Reusability. Store Tasks in a single repository to facilitate updating, management and reuse. Each Task can be assigned to multiple Missions/Jobs.

Minimize Duplication. Quickly identify Knowledge/Skills required by multiple Jobs/Positions to facilitate the design of common and Job specific courses.

Maintain Alignment. Alert users of changes to Missions, Goals, Systems and Job Tasks that may impact training and provide option to realign in single click.

Minimize Training Creep. Quickly identify Tasks, Courses and Objectives impacted by changes to systems or references.

Speed Report Generation. Produce Master Task List (MTL), Master Training Task List (MTTL), and many more reports in a single click.


LT Col. Dave Mason. Chief of Staff Directorate Technical Airworthiness / Engineering Support. Canadian Dept. of National Defence.

"BNH provided a comprehensive and timely report that met our requirements and expectations". Read more.
Major David Gerrard. Project Manager - Air Technical Training Renewal. Canadian Dept. of National Defense.

"Maintaining tasks, objectives, knowledge/skills, teaching points and costs for all technicians in a single, web enabled, easy to access database is highly beneficial for developing cost comparisons and forecasting return on investment". Read more.
CAPT (ret) Kelly "Bam Bam" Henderson.

"Live to Train - Train to Fight - Fight to Win. It's all about training, the key to operational readiness and mission success". Read more.

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