ADVISOR Fidelity Analysis module provides a step by step approach for assessing the functional requirements of trainers and simulators based on training needs and performance objectives. It identifies visual, tactile, olfactory, affective and auditory sensory cues needed to practice tasks, within realistic environments, under preset conditions to attain the desired level of competency. In addition, ADVISOR takes into account elements within the virtual world and how users interact with each. Read brochure.





Training Device Analysis. Identify Components that require special assessment.

Facilitate Configuration. Align with CFITES, MIL-HDBK-29612-2A or DSAT requirements in a single click, or set-up in-line with needs.

Job Analysis. Identify the target audience for the Training Device – i.e., all Jobs/Occupations that will use the Training Device for training.

Speed Data Collection. Collect data from Subject Matter Experts offline through custom-built Excel spreadsheets and upload to ADVISOR in a single click. Exchange data with systems through xml.

Performance Objective Analysis. Identify Tasks to be trained on Training Device. Decompose into Enabling Objectives, Steps and Sub Steps. Define the standards and conditions for each.

Facilitate Collaboration. Store all data in a centralized database accessible anytime and from anywhere by team members with only a Browser; and track changes made by each individual.

Course Analysis. Identify Training Courses/ Activities that use or recommend the use of the Training Device.

Speed Analysis. Search and import relevant Performance or Learning Objectives with a single click to identify Training Device requirements or its ability to support needs.

Learning Objective Analysis. Identify Learning Objectives that use or recommend the use of the Training Device including learning outcome and skill level.

Facilitate Reusability. Search, locate and copy relevant sensory cues from one device to another with ease.

Synthetic Environment Analysis. Identify the terrain, environmental conditions and desired user controls.

Minimize Costs. Assess the impact of each Training Device feature on training needs to maximize investment by zeroing-in on features that offer the greatest value.

Synthetic Elements Analysis. Identify elements within the synthetic environment and how users interact with each.

Preserve Integrity. Generate audit trail with one click to track where each requirement has been addressed.

Sensory Cues Analysis. Organize sensory cues in a repository under various categories (visual, tactile, olfactory, affective, auditory, etc.) to assess the fidelity requirement of each objective.

Speed Report Generation. Compile data from all Objectives and Elements to generate Trainer System Requirements Report in a single click.


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