In general, Trainers and Simulators offer several advantages including the simulation of dangerous, life threatening situations; safe training environment; learning from doing; opportunity to make mistakes, as well as a more efficient learning environment. To achieve these benefits, Trainers and Simulators should allow students to practice all relevant tasks, within realistic environments, under preset conditions, with sufficient level of fidelity to attain the desired level of competency. In other words, the requirements for Trainers and Simulators should be driven by learning needs and performance objectives.
Whether you are investigating the viability of off-the-shelf trainers / simulators or procuring a custom-built trainer / simulator, the types and fidelity of visual, tactile, olfactory, affective and auditory sensory cues; as well as the synthetic environment requirements and elements should be clearly articulated. With accurate, factual data in hand, you can maximize the benefits of your trainers / simulators investment by zeroing–in on requirements that offer the greatest value. Read brochure.




Speed Data Collection. Performance and learning objectives including standards and conditions can be collected offline using Excel.

Speed Analysis and Minimize Duplication. Quickly search and copy relevant sensory cues from one device to another.

Facilitate Collaboration, Sharing and Reuse of Data. Store all data in a centralized database accessible anytime and from anywhere with a Browser.

Optimize Resource Allocation.
Focus resources on trainer/simulator requirements that would generate the greatest value.

Maintain Alignment. Quickly identify performance/learning objectives that can/cannot be supported as trainer/simulator specifications change.

Maximize Effectiveness of Solutions. Meet clients’ needs by ensuring that proposed solutions will attain the desired outcomes.

Minimize Waste. Avoid trainers/ simulators that do not meet learning needs and performance objectives – i.e., costly decisions based on faulty assumptions.

Speed Report Generation. Generate Trainer System Requirements Report, in a single click; and conduct multiple what-if scenarios within a few minutes.

Facilitate Configuration. Configure Each Project in Line with Needs. Specify analysis to be conducted and requirements to be considered.


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