Dozens of macromedia flash instructional videos have been developed, to outline how various functions within ADVISOR are performed. The videos are organized by category (Processes, Configuration, Training Analysis and Training Design). A list of video clips under each category can be viewed by clicking on the category title. To play the video, click on the title.




Training Analysis

Training Design
Setup Course

How to setup a course including target audience and basic parameters needed to assess the effectiveness and costs of alternate options for the delivery of training. See video.

Create Learning Objectives

How to create and align learning objectives (teaching points) with training requirements identified under job analysis; as well as speed media and cost analyses without compromising integrity by grouping learning objectives with similar characteristics. See video.

Conduct Media Analysis

How to identify viable delivery options for each learning objective (teaching point) by mapping instructional design requirements, time and budget constraints to the capabilities of available media. See video.

Estimate Development Effort

How to estimate the number of hours required to develop one hour of training for viable delivery options by taking into account complexity of learning objectives, audio/video requirements, experience and expectations. See video.

Forecast Costs of Delivery Options

How to forecast the costs of viable delivery options by taking into account the number of trainees over the life of course, trainees to instructor ratio, development, administrative, management, delivery and support effort, as well as hardware, facilities, material and travel costs. See video.

Rank Delivery Options

How to compute the cost effectiveness rating of viable delivery options. See video.

Assess Risks

How to assess organizational readiness for new learning technology and potential risks by taking into account organizational experience; impact on personnel, infrastructure, policies, procedures, etc.; as well as trainees’ and management’s attitudes. See video.

Select the Right Blend of Delivery Options

How to select the right blend of delivery options taking into account the effectiveness and costs of viable delivery options, client’s preferences, organizational culture, and other factors. See video.

Track Costs and Revenue

THow to track and compare actual costs to forecasts, and compute return on investment (ROI). See video.

Generate Training Plan

How to organize and sequence learning objectives (teaching points) into lessons and generate a training plan. See video.

Generate Course Reports

How to generate objectives, media and cost analysis reports, training plans as well as business case to support recommendations. See video.

Use Data Collection Wizard

How to use the data collection wizard to quickly assess the viability and forecast the rough order magnitude (ROM) costs of viable delivery options. See video.