Overview: ADVISOR Enterprise can be further customized in line with needs. This may include, for example, integration or exchanging data with other systems; generating specific types of reports; supporting specific requirements, analyses, functionality, trainers, simulators, and so forth. BNH guarantees that all customizations will be carried forward in all future releases at no additional cost to the client by maintaining all customizations within a single version, and controlling access to each custom built function through a unique ID assigned to each client. Moreover, ADVISOR’s flexible design allows BNH to provide custom built solutions at off-the-shelf pricing. A brief description of typical customizations that we have undertaken is presented below.

New Media and Selection Models: To facilitate the selection of the most appropriate simulator for each training activity, the attributes of the following media were incorporated in ADVISOR media selection model:
  • 23 simulators built by CAE – a global leader in modeling, simulation and training for civil aviation and defense
  • 25 academic and hands-on delivery options including part task and full task trainers with various levels of fidelity for Boeing Poseidon (P-8) aircraft
  • 18 full and part task trainers for Sikorsky King Stallion (CH-53K) helicopter
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    New Difficulty, Importance & Frequency (DIF) Models: To meet US Navy and Canadian Armed Forces requirements, the following models were incorporated in ADVISOR:
  • The modified Ohio State SCID DIF model
  • The Criterion model
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    Link to External Systems/Databases: To facilitate data exchange with other applications, multiple static and dynamic import and export functions have been incorporated in ADVISOR Enterprise to support the needs of various clients. These included:
  • Import data from MS Excel
  • Export data to IBM Rational DOORS – requirements management application
  • Export data to Outstart – Learning Content Management System (LCMS)
  • Import data from Lockheed Martin ATLAS database
  • Dynamically exchange data with applications using Web Services
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    Reports: To minimize the effort needed to compile data and generate reports, several custom reports have been incorporated in ADVISOR Enterprise to meet clients’ specific needs. These included:
  • Master Task List (MTL) Report
  • Master Training Task List (MTTL) Report
  • Objective/Media Analysis (OMA) Report
  • Job Task Analysis Report (JTAR)
  • Occupational Specialty Specification Report
  • Qualification Standards and Plan (QSP) Report
  • Training Plan (TP) Report
  • Lesson Design Report (LDR)
  • Lesson Specification Report
  • Project Timeline Status Report
  • Project Working Hours Status Report
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