Overview: ADVISOR Enterprise simplifies and speeds training needs analysis, forecasts and optimizes training resources, improves resource allocation and generates audit trail to support recommendations. Moreover, ADVISOR is web based, users can access anytime and from anywhere with only a browser, stores all data in a centralized database, can be installed on a local server or used off BNH Server (cloud), consists of 6 modules that can be used separately or in combination to meet various needs and customized in line with requirements.

1 day training for each module is recommended. The training can be called upon when needed and can be delivered for up to 15 individuals on-site or at a distance using virtual classroom setting. A brief overview of each day, including topics, is presented below.


Training Analysis: 1 Day

Primary Objective: To uncover and prioritize training needed by each job (position) to meet missions/goals.


  • Setup and prioritize organization/units missions/goals.
  • Identify tasks needed by each job (position) to achieve missions/goals.
  • Define performance/enabling objectives including standards and conditions.
  • Uncover knowledge/skills needed by each task.
  • Identify knowledge/skill/attitude gaps.



Training Design: 1 Day

Primary Objective: To determine the most effective and efficient blend of delivery options that meet learning, learners’ and organizational needs.


  • Divide course into groups with similar characteristics.
  • Assess the effectiveness of delivery options for each group.
  • Forecast/Compare costs of plausible delivery options of each group.
  • Identify the right blend of delivery options.
  • Generate training plans.



Fidelity Analysis: 1 Day

Primary Objective: To define the fidelity requirements of trainers/ simulators including visual, tactile, olfactory, affective and auditory sensory cues; synthetic environment; and elements.


  • Select analysis approach – i.e., jobs or courses.
  • Identify performance/enabling objectives that require trainer/simulator.
  • Identify learning objectives that require trainer/simulator.
  • Define sensory cues requirements for objectives.
  • Define synthetic environment and elements.
  • Generate fidelity analysis requirements report.



Resource Management: 1 Day

Primary Objective: To determine budget and resources needed to run various programs for any time period.


  • Setup data classification system.
  • Develop search criteria.
  • Setup user accounts hierarchy and privileges.
  • Compile data from multiple courses/users.
  • Generate cost/personnel/resource requirements reports.


Services_Project_Management_400 (1)

Project Management: 1 Day

Primary Objective: To keep projects on-time and within budget – i.e., develop project plan, identify critical milestones, assign personnel/resources as well as monitor progress.


  • Setup personnel and resources.
  • Divide training program into phases and tasks.
  • Setup dependencies and constraints.
  • Schedule tasks, assign personnel/ resources and generate project plans.
  • Track progress and generate project status plans.



Performance Analysis: 1 Day

Primary Objective: To determine the source of a performance deficiency, identify plausible solutions and recommend the most cost effective options.


  • Identify and quantify performance gaps.
  • Select appropriate data collection methodology.
  • Compile/Analyze data to identify cause of the problem and potential solutions.
  • Assess the effectiveness, costs and return on investment (ROI) of plausible solutions.
  • Prioritize activities and develop plan of action.


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