Dozens of Excel based Data Collection Forms are provided to simplify and speed offline data collection from Subject Matter Experts (SMEs).  The attributes and options within each form (Job Tasks, for example) are identical to the corresponding (Job Tasks) fields within ADVISOR.  Once completed, the data can be uploaded to ADVISOR Enterprise with a few mouse clicks.  Although the import function is fairly intuitive, to minimize errors, please read and follow the instructions.

Project Accounts Users with limited privileges. Can only manage login, password, attributes, skills, courses, as well as personal/project activities. View form.

Master Skills To define common classification structure (competencies) that users possess. The data may be used to quickly identify personnel with the desired set of skills. View form.

Master Attributes To identify and define additional attributes for users. These may include as an example, security clearance, nationality, and so forth. The data may be used to quickly identify personnel with the desired set of attributes. View form.

Master Activities To define common classification for user activities. These may include as an example, vacation, training, medical leave, and so forth. View form.

Inventory To list available training resources; including title, brief description, acquisition date and cost, anticipated replacement date and cost, availability as well as whether users/analysts will require approval to use the resource in their training programs/courses. View form.

Projects To identify and collect projects’ attributes; including title, start date and status. View form.

Project Phases To identify the phases for a project and collect attributes; including time required to complete, budget, and so forth. View form.

Project Tasks To identify the tasks within each project phase and collect attributes; including effort/budget required to complete, and so forth. View form.

Documents To identify the documents required to complete each project task and collect attributes; including description, hyperlink to document location, and so forth. View form.