Dozens of Excel based Data Collection Forms are provided to simplify and speed offline data collection from Subject Matter Experts (SMEs).  The attributes and options within each form (Job Tasks, for example) are identical to the corresponding (Job Tasks) fields within ADVISOR.  Once completed, the data can be uploaded to ADVISOR Enterprise with a few mouse clicks.  Although the import function is fairly intuitive, to minimize errors, please read and follow the instructions.

Set up Attributes

To identify and define additional attributes for courses. These may include as an example, domain, location, language of instruction, and so forth. The attributes can be assigned to courses to quickly generate various types of reports for courses that meet a specific criterion. View form.

Attributes Options

For each attribute, users are provided with options to choose from. For example, the following options may be provided for language of instruction: English, French, German, and so forth. View form.

Define Search Criteria

o define search criteria for courses. For example, courses within a specific domain offered in English. View form.