“If you cannot measure it, you cannot manage it.”
– Peter Drucker.


At BNH, we have mastered the mechanics of conducting Training Needs Analysis (TNA) and Training Media Analysis (TMA); capturing and forecasting the costs, personnel and resource requirements of each training activity; producing cost-effective training plans and training strategies, as well as assessing the impact and benefits of training. Moreover, since 1987, BNH has been developing tools to simplify and speed-up the analysis; manage training requirements, budget, personnel and resources; as well as drive training efficiency. We achieved this by zeroing in on the following key questions:

  • Is training aligned with operational needs? Are there any discrepancies between what individuals need to know and what they are learning? By realigning training with needs, employees will no longer be wasting valuable time on activities that are no longer relevant and worse, not receiving the training needed to adequately do their job.


  • Are training activities unnecessarily replicated? Is similar content unnecessarily presented within multiple courses? By identifying and eliminating duplications, training time can be reduced, and content development/maintenance costs can be minimized.


  • How much does each training activity cost? Can we quickly and accurately forecast budget, personnel and resource requirements based on the number of trainees, course length, activities, media and so forth? By gaining clear understanding of training costs, key cost drivers can be uncovered and venues for improving training efficiency can be implemented.


  • Will technology improve training effectiveness and efficiency? Which delivery option will be most effective and economical for a training activity? By quickly and objectively assessing the viability of training technologies, risks, benefits and financial impact, options that will not yield the desired results can be avoided, and additional venues for improving training efficiency can be uncovered.


  • Is training producing the desired results? Is training resolving an identified deficiency or requirement? By zeroing-in on the source of the problem, viable solutions can be identified and all issues that impact performance can be addressed.


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