Dozens of macromedia flash instructional videos have been developed, to outline how various functions within ADVISOR are performed.  The videos are organized by category (Processes, Configuration,  ADVISOR Concepts, Training Analysis and Training Design).  A list of video clips under each category can be viewed by clicking on the category title. To play the video, click on the title.

The Cascade function is implemented throughout ADVISOR.  In simple terms, the attributes of one record (or parent) cascades to one or more records linked to it.  The cascade function saves time, by minimizing data entry, as well as maintains consistency by ensuring that any changes to the parent record are automatically cascaded to all records linked to it. View video.
To facilitate collaboration, ADVISOR stores all data in a centralized database.  This in-turn, enables team members to access the data anytime and from anywhere with only a browser. View video.
To minimize duplication and maintain consistency, Task; Knowledge, Skill and Attitude; Job Aid; Policy and Tool repositories are automatically created for each Project. In simple terms, anytime a Mission or System Task is created, it is automatically added to the Project Task folder or repository (i.e the equivalent of a Master Task List). Tasks in repository can, in-turn, be easily assigned to other Missions, Systems or Jobs. View video.
To facilitate reusability, the status of all records are set to Public by default.  This allows users within the organization to Search and Copy mission, system or job analysis conducted by other users, for example.  Additionally, classified Data can be excluded from the Search function by setting it to Private. View video.