How to Videos. Dozens of instructional videos have been developed, to outline how various functions within ADVISOR are performed. These include how to setup a new Client, Project or Course, as well as, how to conduct a Mission Analysis, Job Analysis or Course Analysis. View videos.


User Guides. In addition to comprehensive User Guides that detail the processes within each ADVISOR Enterprise module; simple Step by Step User Guides are also provided on how to configure ADVISOR and conduct mission, job, task, performance objective, course, media and cost analysis. View guides.


Basic Data Collection Forms. Dozens of Excel based Data Collection Forms are provided to simplify and speed offline data collection from Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). The attributes and options within each form (Job Tasks, for example) are identical to the corresponding (Job Tasks) fields within ADVISOR. Once completed, the data can be uploaded to ADVISOR Enterprise with a few mouse clicks. View forms. 


Detailed Data Collection Forms. To capture the attributes and the relationships between Tasks, Sub Tasks and Steps, as well as corresponding Knowledge, Skills, Attitudes and Objectives; detailed Excel based Data Collection Forms are also provided. Once completed, the data can be uploaded to ADVISOR Enterprise in a single click. View forms.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). Answers to common questions posed by ADVISOR Enterprise users are compiled and presented in logical categories for easy reference. View FAQs.


Reports. Dozens of reports are included in ADVISOR Enterprise to support the requirements of various military standards including CFITES, MIL-HDBK-29612-2A and DSAT as well as corporate and government clients. To facilitate the identification of reports that would best meet your needs, samples are provided. View reports.