Hundreds of organizations have relied on BNH to simplify and speed training analysis, forecast and optimize training resources, improve resource allocation, produce audit trails to support recommendations and generate reports that meet various needs. With offices in Montreal and Vermont; and associates in Florida, Virginia, Texas and the United Kingdom, we continue to expand our services while remaining responsive to the needs of our clients. A list of satisfied customers is presented below:


Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), in 2008, developed a guide to support content owners, course developers, sponsors and others in making training decisions. ADVISOR Enterprise is recognized as ‘a highly practical, detailed decision-making tool with regards to choice of delivery methods.’


Prentice Hall retained BNH in 1995 to gain a competitive advantage in the marketing of textbooks. A computer based learning aid was developed to accompany textbooks. Students can select a topic and are asked questions randomly from the database. Points are awarded or deducted accordingly, and wrong answers are given constructive feedback. The learning aid contributed to a successful marketing campaign that led to the distribution of over 3,000 copies.


TQ Education & Training has been using ADVISOR Enterprise since 2011 to conduct Training Needs Analysis (TNA) and Training Media Analysis (TMA) for the UK Ministry of Defence.

University of Calgary Educational Technology program wanted to explore a new format for teaching Instructional Development to graduate students. Memorable quote ‘The challenge was finding a way to naturally lead students over the terrain of instructional development; the solution was ADVISOR.’ See more.
University of Central Florida Prof. Ronald Tarr wanted a more robust approach for teaching Instructional Simulation Design. Memorable quote ‘ADVISOR will provide instructional designers with the knowledge and skills needed to help them overcome the challenge of communicating with engineers.’ See more.

University of Toronto retained BNH in 2006 to provide a more efficient approach for assisting the community and public health agencies in planning, conducting and evaluating a wide range of health promotion programs. An electronic performance support system was designed to walk users through the process of defining success indicators, identifying plausible options and making a decision.