BNH Training Management System ADVISOR Enterprise simplifies and speeds training needs analysis; as well as drives training efficiency by aligning current and future training activities to operational requirements to identify gaps, duplications and training with minimal value.

Further enhancements are attained by forecasting and comparing the costs of viable delivery options; uncovering cost drivers; improving resource allocation; and identifying/mitigating bottlenecks.

ADVISOR simplifies data collection from Subject Matter Experts through custom built Excel worksheets. Collaboration is facilitated by storing all data in a centralized database that can be accessed by the team anytime and from anywhere with only a browser. Changes made by each team member are automatically tracked.

Configuration management and dozens of reports can be created in a single click. Moreover, ADVISOR preserves training integrity by quickly identifying jobs, tasks, courses, activities, lessons and objectives that can be impacted by a change to a mission, system, policy or guide. ADVISOR is web based, can be installed on a local Server or annually licensed (cloud option). It consists of 8 modules that can be used separately or in combination to meet various needs, and customized in line with requirements. Read brochure.


ADVISOR Key Benefits

1. Module 2 - Speed Data Collection

Speed Training Needs Analysis (TNA)

  • Streamline data collection from SMEs through custom-built Excel spreadsheets.
  • Automate Difficulty, Importance & Frequency, Gap, Media and Cost Analysis.
  • Forecast expenses, personnel and resource requirements.
  • Facilitate data management and reuse through a Google like search function.
  • Generate dozens of reports in a single click.
3. Module 2 - Facilitate Collaboration
Facilitate Collaboration
Store all data in a centralized database accessible anytime and from anywhere by all team members with only a Browser.
1. Module 3 Meet client Needs
Automatically Track Changes
Track changes made by each team member, including what change was made, when and by whom.
13. Module 1 - Minimize Duplication

Maintain Consistency

Identify data to be collected, analysis to be conducted and reports to be generated.
2. Module 2 - Conduct Multiple what If
Assess Impact of Change
Quickly and accurately identify all training activities, courses, lessons and teaching points impacted by a change to a mission, system, job, policy, and so forth.
7. Module 2 - Generate reports
Generate Audit Trail
Generate top down as well as bottom up reports to identify where each requirement is addressed, gaps, as well as why each activity is needed.
2. Module 4 - Improve personnel allocation
Forecast Personnel / Resources
Quickly identify courses, activities, budget, personnel and resource requirement for any time period.
3. Module 4 - efficient training program
Comply with Standards

Comply with various standards including CFITES, JSP-822, MIL-HDBK-29612-2A, AETC Handbook 36-2203, TRADOC Pamphlet 350-70-6, Australian Defence Model, AIA, S6000T and EASA.

5. Module 2 - Minmize errors
Drive Training Efficiency
Map operational requirements to courses/training activities to identify gaps, duplication and training with minimal impact.
8. All Modules - Keep Projects On TIme and Within Budget
Generate Project Plans
Minimize delays and cost overruns by producing solid project plans, tracking progress in real-time, anticipating problems and pinpointing corrective measures.
Product Requirements ADVISOR Enterprise supports all browsers, including Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari. No plug-ins are required. ADVISOR Enterprise can also be installed on a local server.  See more.
License Agreement Your use of ADVISOR Enterprise and associated services (herein referred to as ADVISOR Services) are conditioned upon your compliance and acceptance of the following terms.  Read more.

UK Ministry of Defence. Joint Service Publication (JSP) 822.

“ADVISOR is endorsed as the best-practice solution for a pan Defence DST, to assist the service commands in analysing the composition of their courses and to contribute to business decisions on the relative balance between centralised and distributed training.”

Canadian Forces Individual Training and Education System (CFITES).

“ADVISOR is a decision support tool. ADVISOR can be used to determine the most effective and efficient media for a given situation.”

Bruce Clark. Associate Dean Faculty of Education. University of Calgary. “The challenge was finding a way to naturally lead students over the terrain of instructional development; the solution was ADVISOR”. Read more.
Professor Ronald Tarr. Institute of Simulation & Training. University of Central Florida. “ADVISOR will provide instructional designers with the knowledge and skills needed to help them overcome the challenge of communicating with engineers”. Read more.
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