ADVISOR Resource Management module compiles and analyzes missions/goals, competencies, systems, jobs, tasks, training requirements, courses, activities, costs, personnel and resources to generate concise, up to date and actionable reports. The reports provide insight on planned training activities for any time period; training requirements for each job/employee; budget, personnel and resource requirements, training impact as well as how to drive training effectiveness and efficiency by leveraging technology, improving resource allocation and identifying gaps, duplications and unwarranted training. Read brochure.


Features & Benefits

2. Module 1 - System Analysis

Forecast Training Activities

Identify planned Courses/ Activities in any location for selected time period.

4. Module 2 - Increase throughput

Forecast Training Requirements

Identify Courses/ Activities required by each Job, Position and Employee including Time to Competency.

5. Module 2 - Minmize errors

Forecast Training Budget and Resources

Compute expenses, personnel and resource requirements for current or recommended delivery options for training activities with any time period.

6. Module 1 - DIF Analysis

Identify Training Gaps

Map Operational Requirements to Courses/Activities to identify training gaps.

4. Module 1 - Job Analysis

Identify Duplications

Map Learning Objectives to Knowledge/Skill requirements to identify redundancies.

4. Module 4 - required data

Identify Unwarranted Training

Map Courses/ Activities to Operational Requirements to identify training with minimal or no value.

16. Module 1 - Speed Report Generation

Identify Training Impacted by Change

Detect Jobs, Courses, Lessons and Objectives that could be impacted by change to a reference, policy or tool.

8. Module 2 - Configure

Evaluate Training Impact

Compute the Return on Investment (ROI) of Courses/Activities by comparing costs to impact on missions/goals.

3. Module 2 - Facilitate Collaboration

Facilitate Collaboration

Store all data in a centralized database accessible anytime and from anywhere by team members with only a Browser.

6. Module 2 - Store common measures

Facilitate Budget and Resource Management

Quickly forecast budget, personnel and resource requirements for one or multiple courses/activities for any given time period.

2. Module 3 Minimize waste

Uncover Cost Drives

Forecast budget, personnel and resource requirements over training programs life cycle to uncover cost drivers – i.e., where budget, personnel and resources are allocated.

3. Module 4 - efficient training program

Improve Performance

Map training courses/ activities to operational requirements to identify training requirements that are not being addressed.

13. Module 1 - Minimize Duplication

Minimize Training Duplication

Map training courses/ activities to operational requirements to identify duplicate training activities.

1. Module 4 - Reveal duplication

Reveal Training Creep

Map training courses/activities to operational requirements to identify and highlight activities that are no longer relevant.

2. Module 4 - Improve personnel allocation

Preserve Training Integrity

Quickly identify Jobs, Tasks, Courses, Lessons and Objectives that could be impacted by change to guide, policy, etc.

2. Module 2 - Conduct Multiple what If

Speed Report Generation

Compile data from all goals, systems, competencies, jobs, tasks, courses, costs, personnel and resources to generate concise, up to date and actionable reports with ease.


Jeff Reynolds. Manager, Global Sales & Technical Training. Intermec Technology Corporation.

“With ADVISOR, we can quickly and accurately forecast training costs, communicate results and manage requirements as project scope changes”. Read More.

Training with Multimedia.

“ADVISOR does the work that many independent training consultants are used to charging several thousands of dollars for”.

Joel Doherty. Senior Marketing Consultant. Performx Inc.

“ADVISOR has been instrumental in illustrating with precise accuracy how our clients will save money, time and resources by introducing technology based learning”.

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