Overview: Training Needs Analysis (TNA) is crucial to operational readiness and mission success. TNA ensures that training is developing the right knowledge, skills and competencies, for the right individuals to attain specific operational/business needs. TNA is the base for all future training decisions. By aligning training with operational/business needs, BNH minimizes discrepancies between training requirements and training delivered, and maximizes training impact. In other words, employees will not waste valuable time on topics that are not relevant, and will receive all training needed to adequately perform their job. Moreover, BNH stores all data in a centralized database that can be accessed and updated by clients 24/7 – to assess the impact on budget, personnel and resources as missions, goals, jobs, policies, systems and so forth change; and keep training effective, efficient and relevant.

In addition to identifying and prioritizing training requirements, BNH leverages ADVISOR Enterprise capabilities to improve training efficiency. More specifically, minimize duplication, improve performance and maximize resource utilization by identifying knowledge, skills and competencies common among team members, aligning training with operational requirements, and forecasting/comparing the cost, personnel and resource requirements of viable delivery options.


BNH’s Approach

  • Identify Missions/Goals and clarify the expected business/operational outcomes.


  • Tasks required to achieve each Mission/Goal are identified and decomposed into Sub Tasks to generate a Master Task List (MTL).


  • Each Mission Task is then assigned to one or multiple positions (i.e., operators, technicians and support staff, for example) to identify the Tasks for each Job including level of competency.


  • Next, Tasks’ difficulty, importance and frequency are assessed to uncover training priority and generate Performance Objectives. (Read more.)


  • Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes needed to perform each Task are identified and compared to entry levels to uncover gaps and generate training requirements.


  • Training requirements are then converted into learning objectives with conditions and standards; and grouped in training courses/activities.


  • Next, viable delivery options are revealed by mapping training requirements to the capabilities of available media and generating Objective/Media Analysis (OMA) report. (Read more.)


  • The most economical training options are then identified by forecasting and comparing the costs of viable media over life cycle.


  • Training Plan efficiency is further improved by recognizing overlapping responsibilities among team members and in-turn common Knowledge and Skills; considering budget/resources constraints; and various combinations of delivery options that maximize utilization rates.


BNH Added Value

Proven Track Record. Since 1987, BNH has assisted hundreds of organizations in conducting Training Needs Analysis (TNA) in Canada, United States of America, United Kingdom, Australia, Netherlands and Singapore.

Maximize Training Impact. BNH leverages ADVISOR Enterprise to identify the training requirements of each position, prioritize training needs, identify most effective blend of delivery options, focus resources on most critical initiatives and support recommendations through audit trail.

Drive Training Efficiency. BNH leverages ADVISOR Enterprise to identify common knowledge/skills, reveal training creep, identify most cost effective solutions, improve resource allocation and reduce travel costs and time away from job.

Keep Training Relevant. BNH leverages ADVISOR to quickly and accurately update the analysis as missions, goals, jobs, policies and equipment evolve; and in-turn ensure that training will remain effective, efficient and relevant.

Military Standards Expertise. BBNH has in depth knowledge and experience with various military standards including CFITES, MIL-HDBK 29612-2A and DSAT. (Read more.)

Controlled Goods Certified. BNH is certified under the “Controlled Goods Registration Program (#020638) (equivalent to International Traffic in Arms Regulations – ITAR) and is entitled to examine, possess or transfer controlled goods in accordance with Defense Production Act and the Controlled Goods Regulation (

Industrial and Technology (ITB) Benefits. BNH can maximize ITB benefits for Canadian based projects by ensuring all its activities are carried out in Canada by Canadian resources.


“You gain critical knowledge for making informed decisions. As a result, costly errors can be avoided, and resources maximized by focusing on training initiatives that develop skills needed to attain business goals”.

Nancy Williams, Senior Associate, Booz Allen Hamilton.

“With ADVISOR, I can make changes on the spot and graphs demonstrate right away their impact, that have enabled me to cut down my initial analysis from 30 days to one day.”

Cathi Billings, Instructional System Specialist, Sheppard AFB.

“ADVISOR simplified data validation. Tasks, including reference codes for each position, could easily be exported to Excel and sent to SMEs for review. A step that could have taken up to two-and-a-half weeks to perform is now generated with on hour.”

John Marley, SMC/RNT (STAO), USfalcon.

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