The BNH Advantage … BNH provides products and services to identify training requirements, optimize training programs, forecast/manage personnel/resource requirements, evaluate training effectiveness and maintain training efficiency as missions, goals, systems, jobs, policies, technologies, throughput, etc., change. BNH competitive advantage stems from our:

  • Training Management System.  ADVISOR Enterprise:
    • Simplifies and speeds training needs analysis, training management and optimization
    • Facilities remote work, collaboration and reusability by storing data in a centralized relational database
    • Speeds and simplifies data collection through a step by step process
    • Complies with multiple standards including CFITES, JSP-822, MIL-HDBK-29612-2A, AETC Handbook 36-2203, TRADOC Pamphlet 35-70-6, Australian Defence Model, AIA, S6000T, and EASA
    • Generates 100s of reports with a few mouse clicks
    • Presents timely performance indicators in a simple to comprehend interactive dashboard.
    • Drives training efficiency by identifying gaps, duplications and training with minimal value; uncovering cost drivers; improving personnel & resource allocation; and identifying/mitigating bottlenecks.

  • Multi-disciplinary team of experts:
    • Engineers, programmers, designers and analysts with vast expertise;
    • In-depth understanding of various military training standards
    • Three decades of experience;
    • Ability to engage clients and provide context sensitive support throughout the project
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